About me

Beatrice Weber obtained an MBA from Wayne State College in 2015 and has an undergraduate degree in psychology. She was married off to a Rabbi, in an arranged marriage when she was 18 years old and is a mother of ten children and grandmother of five.  She got married before graduating from High School and after many years of being a stay-at-home mom began college and working which eventually led to her holding a Director level position at a large clinic in Brooklyn.

Despite severe opposition from her Ultra-Religious Jewish community, she left her marriage several years ago and currently lives in an apartment in a converted warehouse in Brooklyn with her four younger children. She is amazed by the incredible diversity and the great opportunities available in Brooklyn and the rest of NYC and takes full advantage of them. She is passionate about improving her life and the lives of others by embracing ever evolving educational experiences, self-improvement activities and spiritual practices.

She blogs and writes about finding personal financial, emotional and spiritual freedom. After years of personal struggle with fear, recovery from mental illness, religious oppression, generational trauma and general feelings of worthlessness, she has discovered  how to live life from a place of abundance, joy, opportunity and fulfillment.

Her first book which will be published in at the end of 2019 describes her first steps in finding freedom through taking control of her financial life and provides a step by step process for you to find your first steps to your own freedom.

She believes the three steps to achieving freedom from the chains of your past and creating a life of abundance are financial freedom, emotional freedom and spiritual freedom.